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The Scent of the Southwest

I've been interested in incense for over 20 years. Cheap hippy Nag Champa to the ultra special Japanese Shoyeido Refinement. In this time I have enjoyed the juniper-pine-pinon-sage scents of the southwest. Most of the offerings tend to be inexpensive abd a bit rough, like the Incense Of The West Pinon. This was ok when I lived in a yurt for three winters. But not quite right, for me, in a nice home.

So I was very pleased with the incense from Squre Trade Goods Co. Strong and clear enough to linger for hours, clean enough to be interesting and clarifying. I love the Big Sur version the best, and also use the Desert Sage blend.

I also like that the cones are soft enough to break into pieces as sometimes I want just a little taste and not the full cone burn. I recommend them.




A Tarot Journey

I love what Kim Krans has done with the tarot in her work, The Wild Unknown Tarot.

I use these weekly and enjoy her pointing into the human psyche using the beautiful cards. Early on I used them as an oracle, like "what should I do with the challenge I am facing today?" And like most oracles, the answer was usually interesting, but not direct.

Now I use them in a less petitionary manner. More like, "What else should I consider as I move-with the situation I am involved in?" I this kind of query I am always rewarded with a perspective or aspect of my wider humanity that I was not considering until pointed into it by the WUTarot.

I have given decks to many friends and recommend these highly. All the art was hand drawn by Kim and is itself an opening toward resolution.