From One-Point 
  Aug 17, 2016

“It is necessary to have one's heart at the center of the universe,
only this gives rise to aikido.”
      — O Sensei


From what condition does our
action, movement, speaking arise?

When mind is separate from body,
all action, movement, and speaking,
even with correct form,
rings false and creates opposition.

When mind and body are one,
action, movement, and speaking,
in whatever form,
transmit integrity and connection.

Form expressed from unified bodymind
unites and opens harmony.

Form expressed from disconnected mind’s
agenda or control plan,
fragments and increases discord.

Therefore practice to unify mind and body
while learning good form.
Do not set form ahead of unification.
And do not ignore form and
be lost in misunderstanding unification.

Just as mind and body are not two,
form and unification are also not separate.

Therefore the central practice,
the proper shugyo,
the true secret of aiki,
is the unending practice
of returning to one-point.


“Contact phenomena with total sincerity,
not a single atom outside yourself.”

—Master Hongzhi



May your practice go well.





© Steve Self, 2016, All rights reserved.