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  Integral Aikido


The river of aikido flows wide and astonishingly deep.
Authentic, honorable, effective, joyful, aesthetic and transcendent...

An integral exploration of the art and practice illuminates both the depths of aikido
and discloses many possibilities of integral.

Traditional exploration is more process than destination, and likewise, this project will be an unfolding, evolving process. So check back occasionally...



Conflict awareness: The Latch

From Conflict to Contact to Unity

A tangential article: Leading the Mind

another glance: Integral Mind-Body Unification



Further conversation...

We have begun an online discussion within the Zaadz social networking space.
The introduction:

For those who wish to gather around the intersection of aikido, ki-aikido and integral visionary philosophy, join us. The practice of aikido deeply informs both the integral view and one’s Integral Life Practice; the integral map illuminates and clarifies so much of the art and practice of aikido. Here is a place for embodied AQAL, for transpersonal aikido arts, for multi-stage practices, Aiki-Quadrivia, and for deep meditative ki-breathing discussions...

If you want to join the unfolding conversation, apply here.

For more info on Zaadz...


Audio selections...

For those studying aikido, with a ki-aikido emphasis, the following audio may be quite

Chris Curtis sensei, on the River of Life (more info and audio at
Click to play, or OS X: control+click to download, Win: rt-click to download.

David Shaner Sensei, podcast-interview. 80 minutes. Excellent.
Click to play, or OS X: control+click to download, Win: rt-click to download.