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We work with great printers, locally and online, to create strong, clear, and beautiful paper artifacts.
Examples below.


Business Cards

Business cards are no longer just a stiff piece of paper with your contact information on it.  In the age of personal and business websites, a calling card has become a physical artifact that communicates much more than just phone numbers, addresses and email.  Colors, textures, weight, shape, rhythm, tone, and spaciousness all function to invite new contacts to explore your offer and work further.


Logo, Branding, Identity

Designing a clear and striking glyph that is recognizable and harmonizes with your offer or business can be challenging. Sometimes this can be completed in a few hours. Other times the evolution of the design grows through a few versions, before reaching the look that feels right, works well, and also works in all the different places and sizes you will need.


Fliers Posters & Handouts

Like with business cards, today's handouts serve different aims. Sometimes these are carefully crafted charts that document and further illustrate complex models and relationships. Other times these are interestingly shaped objects that convey depth and positive emotional connection.  And often these sheets tell a story that captures the viewer's attention and evokes curiosity and participation.


Banners & Signs

Managing artwork to produce clear and balance signage is not a trivial task. Too many signs end up only "good enough" due to lack of time, skills or budget. We aim for clarity, boldness and positive branding as we work with clients on signage.  When done well, people are intrigued and invited even when they were doing other things.



In the internet age a well done brochure invites further participation. It conveys the necessary information, as well as, the tone and feel of your offer or event. It is important to consider the listening/seeing of the audience you want to address. Connecting with them gracefully and powerfully with a well designed brochure serves them well and increases relationship.


Wall Art

Aritfacts for your office space, home, practice dojo, workout spot and meditation space.  Hanging art that carries your story and offer further can engage clients deeply.  Often what we are offering is more than the descriptive words. Using art to further illuminate your commitment and aim touches people below thinking.


Mystery Artifacts

Sometimes we look for something that is physical, perhaps printed and folded, that is unusual. Maybe we want to thank a group of clients, or we want to invite a select set of associates to an special event. Creating something unique and fun for these moments, yet staying within a budget, is something we love to take on.

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