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We create strong, clear, and artful web sites. Examples below.

We bring to this work:



From our years of experience in interpersonal communication training, as well as study of both aikido and integral philosophy, we bring a highly skilled ability to listen to both what you want in a website, as well as listening to and from the point of view your target audience. It is a refined ability to enter other points of view deeply and with respect and intelligence that gives us clear direction in design and writing.

Aesthetic Eye

With over 25 years in the design business, we have refined our discernment. We know when less is more and when simplicity brings powerful emotional connection. In contrast, we also recognize when a rich depth of information best serves the viewer. Another aspect of aesthetics is the harmony and integrity of the underlying design. Your offer or content is more available and easier to receive when the design gets out of the way and is smooth and calm.


Only when we are willing to let go of our own point of view and embrace another's can we truely know and respect their intentions and direction.  Respecting your viewers and clients by making sure they can get to what they want --not wasting their time-- is a powerful gesture that generates relationship.

Beginner's Mind

This is a highly developed state of openness and clarity. Mix in an attitude of learning from every situation and a good hearted disregard for one's own preferences and views.  Cultivating beginner's mind is a constant practice. It opens perception and creativity for something radically new to arise.

Technical Discernment

With years of experience, we can make recommendations for approriate levels of technical complexity and integration that match the needs of the project and people.  When we design something that is not overly complex, yet also not underpowered, then things seem to work smoothly.

User Interface

Beauty and emotional connection are wonderful in websites. But without clear and intuitive interface design, the user will become frustrated and leave.  Addressing their mixed needs and habits of logic and illogic allows the navigation and presentation of resources to fulfill their needs, and thereby allow them to connect deeper with your site.












360 Medicine • Dr. Russ Canfield wanted a website presentation that could capture his vision for integral medicine and illustrate the scope and depth of his offer.  After he described what he was wanting we went to work and designed a unique and creative solution.  See it

Not only does this site present the concepts of integral health and well being in a fun and accessible manner, but it works on iPads and iPhones. We designed his Integral Health Assessment, to give clarity to future clients, and present the multi-perspectival complexity of integral theory throughout the site so clients are immersed in the ideas and learn more as they go.




CONNECT • Dr. David E. Shaner needed a website that could offer his Seven Arts Change Process for businesses in the USA.  His work is uniquely powerful and effective and he wanted to represent this in a language both visual and textual that would land easily in corporate America.  See it here:

We incorporated significant video clips to illustrate his style and process. Integrated into the site is purchasing of his two recent books on the Seven Arts. Dr. Shaner invests his time with his clients and their project goals.  Consequently his site needed to stand on its own without him needing to spend time blogging or promoting. The site is updated about every 2-3 months with new content and announcements.



Eco-Logical Resources • A beautiful website for a premier Southwest landscape design and installation company.  See it here:

Working with Drew Weigel, we designed a presentation that attempts to match the artistry and sophistication of his installations, while presenting the details of his offer for prospective clients.  Sorting the various categories of services he offers was particularly challenging, and then working out how to simply and clearly present everything and allowing the future client to choose what they were interested in, while also making them aware of other options.

Drew also prefers to invest his time and energy doing what he loves, the stone work, fabrication, and installation of his landscape designs for discerning clients. Consequently the website is updated yearly with new images and mentions in the press, and it needs to stand on its own to represent his work with integrity.



Krista Harris • Krista is an accomplished and well reviewed non-objective fine artist. See her work here:

Krista needed a website to represent herself to the art world.  It seems like everyone needs a website these days... But in this case it needed to be very calm, clean and clear.   The website needed to get out of the way and show her work prominently. To accomplish this, there is technical complexity underlying the clean presentation in the form of lightbox galleries, video streaming and smooth sliding images. In this case the underlying code serves the images smoothly to the viewer and her work is foremost.


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