The artwork prints below were designed for use by those studying, teaching or practicing the vast Integral Vision.
This began back in 2000 when I was studying Ken Wilber's writing and I wanted a visual representation of the AQAL map for myself and to use in the integral salons we were organizing in Durango. As I worked with others, I noticed that some found it difficult to read about AQAL theory, but when they could see something visual they were more engaged. So, over the next 12 years I worked on generation after generation of integral art to help bringing the vision to life. This work offered below is the culmination of these efforts, in many cases, hundreds of hours went into refining the visuals.

All are printed to order by Zazzle. You can customize your order: make it bigger, change the paper, add a frame, etc. It usually takes about a week and a half to get the print. I like the quality and reliability of Zazzle.



  New!   Taoist / I Ching Wheel  

I've studied the I Ching for many years and only came upon a really old version of this wheel a year ago. As I studied it I found other resonances and wanted to make an updated version that respects what the past Sages imparted, while adding a bit more to it.

The wheel shows the moon phases and the seasons and how they correlate with the I Ching. The center begins with the yin and yang, outward are then the bi-grams and then the Four Principles for Experiencing Mind and Body Unification and how these can correlate with the trigrams. Then the moon phases, the year in months indicating the changing of light and dak, and finally the 64 hexagrams of the ancient I Ching. The particular hexagram titles have been taken from David Hinton's book, I Ching, The Book of Changes, 2015.

The artwork is printed in a square format. Set up to be printed at 24" wide x 24" long, on matte paper. If you wish to customize the size or paper, that is available as an option when you order.

You can view a larger version to read the text using the link just below.  The gray printing is subtle, yet completely readable. Thus it does not disturb the overall look of the scroll.


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  AQAL - An Integral Map  

This is the master chart for AQAL.

It features quadrants, lines, stages, types, and states. I have both the colors of Spiral Dynamics™ and Ken Wilber's developmental altitude colors. Brief summaries of each developmental stage feature the major drivers, goals and methods of each stage.

Many students of integral post this above their desks to be able to refer to the map when in conversation with others. We can instantly see either color scale and what is being referred to. 

Printed on matte archival paper at 35.5 x 24 inches.      Starts at $36.70

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  AQAL Chart - Ego Development Stages  

This is a wonderfully detailed chart of the AQAL - Integral Theory by Ken Wilber, featuring the Ego Development Stages by Professor Suzanne Cook-Greuter. Useful for all students of Integral Theory.

Designed by Steve Self of in 2007, it has been updated every year to this version for 2016.

A beautiful way to feel into the waves/stages of development.

Printed on matte archival paper at 24 x 35.5 inches.       Starts at $36.70

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  Quad Art  


Designed in 2005, featured at the Integral Institute and Integral Life, this is an iconic representation of the Four Quadrants.  Seen hanging in Ken's loft...

Upper left: the interior of the individual - subjective
Upper right: the objective exterior
Lower left: the interior of the collective - intersubjective
Lower right: the exterior of the collective - social systems

Printed on heavy weight matte archival paper at 16 x 16 inches.

Starts at $33.20

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  Shu Ha Ri - Integral Development  



An artistic expression of the Integral Stages and Lines of development. Each vertical column of images is a different line of development. The colors of the stages of development are behind each tile. The higher up development goes, into the second and third tier, the more loose and into the unknown it feels.

Shu Ha Ri is a traditional reference from Japanese martial arts, Shu means to learn the forms and fundamentals with devotion; Ha means to break free from the tradition, the set forms and create new forms; Ri means to transcend all form, to let go of all techniques and rules, and to express the infinite through whatever form in manifesting.

Integral can move thru these stages: learn the form closely, begin extending beyond the form, and allow the form to receed into embodiment and manifest in life naturally.

Hand-printed on matte archival paper at 13 x 19 inches.
$40 (plus $5 domestic shipping)

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  Integral Stages & Lines of Development - Tiles  



This is an image based chart of the Integral Stages and Lines of Development as expressed by Ken Wilber and others. The original was created in 2004 as part of an art project of 50 pieces titled Shu Ha Ri (available above). This piece acted as a key to the structure of the main artwork. When many Integral coaches and consultants began asking for copies, I redeveloped this version for distribution.

Hand-printed on matte archival paper at 13 x 19 inches.
$40 (plus $5 domestic shipping)

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  AQAL Collage  



This is an artful expression showing the stages of development as expressed by Ken Wilber and other integral visionaries. On the left is the image collage illustrating the general tone or theme of the stage of development. On the right are descriptive phrases sorted into the Four Quadrants, for each stage of development.

A beautiful way to feel into the waves/stages of development.

Printed on matte archival paper at 24 x 36 inches.       Starts at $37.05

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